French Press Brew Guide

start with a clean french press (particularly the filter screen), clean water, a good grinder, and fresh (3-18 day old) beans. we recommend spring water or filtered tap water. do not use distilled or reverse osmosis purified water, as these do not contain enough dissolved solids.

bring water to a boil.

measure out 8g of coffee (approx. 1 heavy tbsp.) per 4 oz. of water. it is highly recommended to measure your coffee by weight, using a ratio of 14.5 grams of water per 1 gram of coffee.

grind coffee using a coarse setting.

preheat your press by pouring a few ounces of boiling water into it, waiting a few moments, then pouring it out.

remove water from heat and wait 30 seconds. if you have a thermometer, wait for the water to reach approximately 200º f before you pour onto the grounds.

begin your brew by pouring a small amount of water over the grounds, just enough to saturate them and allow the coffee to “bloom”. this will dispel some of the carbon dioxide present in the beans. wait 30 seconds for grounds to fully bloom.

pour the rest of your water in the press, actively breaking up the bloom. after the pour, the top of the brew should be an even color. cover your press with a plate to retain heat.

after the coffee steeps for 3:30 (from the second the water touches the grounds to bloom them), use 2 spoons to skim off all the floating grounds into the trash. place the plunger into position, and at 4:00, slowly and firmly press the plunger down until you feel the gentle resistance of the grounds at the bottom.

if your extraction tastes too bitter, try using a slightly coarser grind or cooler water. if your coffee tastes sour, try using a slightly finer grind or hotter water. if too strong, use less coffee. if too weak, use more coffee.