Wholesale Customer Information

If you are an existing wholesale account, you can use your assigned user name (email address) and password to access the Ordering Portal by clicking on the button below. If you would like to establish an account or have questions, click on this same link and provide the requested information and our sales staff will respond. You can also contact Dave Forman or Zach Donabedian (our Director & Assistant Directors of Coffee) at 614-289-2939 Ext. 1003/1007 or email:  dave@onelinecoffee.com or  zachary@onelinecoffee.com

Wholesale Inquiry & Ordering Portal

First and foremost, we are a wholesale specialty coffee roaster. Our true passion lies in helping our wholesale accounts succeed in their business. We’ve learned a lot in the past fifteen years, and we’d love to share our experiences with you. Here’s ten reasons why you may want to consider us:

1. Choosing Our Coffees

We are a local small business and pride ourselves on
visiting and working with small coffee farmers and small
cooperatives in coffee-growing countries. We primarily roast
specialty “origin” coffees to assure that we can give proper
credit and recognition to the farmers and the workers who
produce the amazing coffees we roast.

2. Custom Roast-To-Order Program

We custom-roast your order weekly to assure you the
freshest possible coffee. Our roasting theory is centered
around consistency through experience and data-driven
testing. We perform quality controls and profile cuppings to
ensure high quality and consistency. Our coffee sourcing
is paired with our roasting theory to diversify our coffee

3. Ties To Coffee Farmers

The greatest aspect of coffee is that there is always something
to learn that is worth exploring. Collectively, our owners
(family members) have visited small coffee farms in countries
like Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Ethiopia and
Kenya. We constantly work to improve our business and
products by staying engaged with the forefront of the industry
and the producers of coffee.

4. Sustainability

The coffee world supply chain is under significant stress that
threatens sustainability and coffee quality. One Line Coffee
has maintained certification as an “Organic Coffee Handler” in
conjunction with the Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association
(OEFFA) for nearly 9 years. We purchase a number of fair
trade and organic coffees each year to support efforts to
assure that specialty coffee is good for farmers and good for
our customers. We also maintain membership in the the
world-wide Specialty Coffee Association.

5. More Than Wholesale

We also operate seven retail coffee shops. We fully appreciate
how difficult it is to develop and maintain a successful
business that serves its community, customers and
employees with excellence. Every aspect of our roasting
wholesale business is geared to supporting our retail
accounts in every way possible.

6. Equipment & Servicing

We represent a number of espresso and coffee equipment
manufacturers as well as water filtration equipment
companies.  We offer free coffee bar design services to wholesale customers exclusively serving our coffee products. We service what we sell and offer preventive maintenance and repair services on most coffee and espresso equipment.  When equipment is ordered directly from One Line Coffee, we deliver and install FREE of additional

7. Ancillary Cafe Products

We offer a full selection of Monin Sauces, Syrups and Fruit
Smoothies, Pacific Barista-Series alternative milks, Third
Street Chai products, and a wide array of cafe supplies, as well
as a great selection of retail coffee brewing merchandise,
equipment and supplies. Most “ancillary” items can be
purchased in single package quantities with no minimums.

8. Family & Community

We are a true small family-owned business. We opened our
first coffeehouse in Granville, Ohio on April 2, 2003. Our first
roaster was “fired-up” in 2008 in the “Gathering Lounge”
of that coffeehouse. It has always been about coffee and
community. We spend our time and resources trying to help
other small business entrepreneurs open and operate quality
independent retail coffee venues in their own communities.

9. Easy Web Ordering System

Our Online Ordering System provides you pictures and
information about all of our coffee, ancillary products and cafe
supplies which makes it easy to order. This system provides
you automatic order reminders each week and emails
you a detailed order acknowledgement with invoice totals.

10. Delivery Network

Free weekly delivery is available in Franklin and Licking Counties
with a small minimum of 10# in coffee orders. Slightly higher minimums are required in contiguous and outlying counties. We deliver on a designated “same” day of the week and always within a
designated window of time. We also offer free shipping in the
continental United States on coffee products with a wholesale
20# minimum order.

Our Values

All our wholesale customers make a commitment to coffee quality, just as we make that solemn commitment to our farmers and to you. If you join the line, we ask that you make that same commitment to maintaining fresh stock, and grinding, brewing and serving with quality equipment and standards.

Our company and its staff all embrace twin passions of coffee and community. For us, community is the local place where our coffee is prepared and served, but it is also the local place where the coffee is grown and harvested. Taking care of those communities, making those communities better places to live and work… that is our mission.

We are still learning about coffee, and we do everything we can to make sure that our wholesale and retail customers are provided the opportunity to share in that knowledge, and learn about the long road from seed to cup.

Emergency Orders For Wholesale Accounts

We do maintain a modest emergency stock of a limited selection of our coffee and ancillary products at our River & Rich-Franklinton Store. You must order through this Emergency Web Store, pay by credit card and must print out a receipt after check-out to take with you. We regret that you are not able to order and purchase wholesale products by visiting our retail stores since they do not maintain additional stock or wholesale pricing information.

Follow the link below to place your order…
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