roasting philosophy

if you’ve read our story, or browsed our current offerings, you might notice something:

outside of espresso, we don’t blend coffees.

why? because we think it’s important to know where your coffee comes from. even with espresso, we tell you exactly what’s in it. and why do we want you to know where your coffee comes from and who grew it? because the farmers and the terroir have vastly more influence over the flavor of your coffee than we could ever have.

in the wine world, there’s a concept called “terroir”. essentially, terroir includes all the natural environmental factors that influence the growth and production of a grape vine (or coffee tree!). the terroir of every coffee is different, and includes the altitude, soil type, temperatures at day and night, rainfall, sunlight, and a host of other factors. combine terroir with the gentle touch and cultivation techniques of a passionate farmer, and it’s not difficult to see why two coffees of the same varietal grown just miles apart can taste so different.

as a roaster, our philosophy regarding coffees is to simply get out of the way. we work hard to get everything out of each coffee, to let them taste the way they were meant to taste. now, you might think we just roast every coffee the same way, thinking the terroir of the coffee will make it special. but nothing could be further from the truth.

when we get a new coffee in, we identify the aspects of that coffee which are special and should be highlighted. we then work with the roast profile of that coffee, massaging it to achieve the best tasting cup we can. we often cup (or taste) over a dozen different profiles of a particular coffee before we release it to our customers.

this process can be challenging at times, but we’re committed to matching the hard work our farmers put in to grow the coffee with our own hard work to roast it.

after all, when you buy a bag of beans from one line coffee, you’re not really buying our coffee. you’re buying their’s.

and we don’t want to let them down.