Auto-Drip Brew Guide

start with a clean drip brewer (preferably one capable of brewing at 200°F), clean water, a good grinder, and fresh (3-18 day old) beans. we recommend spring water or filtered tap water. do not use distilled or reverse osmosis purified water, as these do not contain enough dissolved solids.

measure out 6.5g of coffee (approx. 1 Tbsp.) per 4 oz. of water. it is highly recommended to measure your coffee by weight, using a ratio of 17 grams of water per 1 gram of coffee.

grind coffee using a drip (or medium) setting.

rinse your filter to remove paper particles and taste, then place in brewer. place ground coffee in the filter.

pour your water in the brewer, and start your brew cycle.
the full extraction time, from when the water hits the grounds to the last drip, should take between 3:30 and 4:30.

if your extraction tastes too bitter or takes too long, try using a slightly coarser grind. if your coffee tastes sour or runs too short, try using a slightly finer grind. if too strong, use less coffee. if too weak, use more coffee.

pour into a thermal carafe (if applicable).