Method Espresso

Our signature espresso blend. Typically 3 bean, seasonal, and versatile. Always delicious.

This espresso blend contains:

Ethiopia Kossa Geshe: A full natural, single farm coffee from the Agaro microregion in Jimma. Heirloom varieties.

Brasil Rio Brilhante Fruitado: A full natural, single farm coffee produced near Coromandel in Minas Gerais by the Urban family. 100% Acaia variety.

Ethiopia Kenissa: A fully washed, cooperative coffee from just over 300 members of the Kenissa cooperative, located in Agaro, Limu (Jimma). 74110 heirloom variety.

Tasting notes: Key lime, black tea, dark cherry, fudgy

12 oz. pouch – $15.00

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