Java Riunggunung

A truly special for our (surprisingly) first ever offering from Java! A lactic honey process, single farm coffee from the Pangalengan district of the Bandung regency of West Java. Strawberry, whipped cream, elderflower, honey. Multiple local varieties.

Country: Indonesia

Island: Java

Region: Pangalengan district, Bandung regency, West Java

Farm: Riunggunung

Farmer: Wildan Mustofa

Altitude: 1600-1650 m.

Variety: Andungsari, Bor Bor, Kopyoi, Lini S795, Sigarauntang, Timor hybrid

Processing method: Lactic honey process

Tasting notes: Strawberry, whipped cream, elderflower, honey

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12 oz. pouch – $15.00

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