Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Espresso

The return of a legend. One of our staple offerings over the last decade, continuing to grow in complexity, clarity, and quality. A single farm, full natural coffee from the Agaro microregion in Jimma. Champagne, apricot, nectarine, buttery. 74165 and Limu Buna 54 varieties, both heirloom.

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Jimma

Microregion: Agaro

Farm: Kossa Geshe

Farmers: Brothers Abdulwahid and Anwar Sheriff

Altitude: 1950 m.

Processing method: Natural processed, sun-dried on raised beds and tarps on hard ground over 18 days, with selective sorting during the first 3-4 days.

Variety: 74165 and Limu Buna 54, both heirloom varieties

Tasting notes: Champagne, apricot, nectarine, buttery

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