Colombia El Puente

Our second year purchasing from an incredible washing station supported by a longtime relationship! A fully washed, dark-roasted, single washing station coffee from 240 producers located near Pitalito in Huila, Colombia. Toffee, caramel, fruit cake, rich. Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia varieties.

Country: Colombia

Region: Huila

Town: Fundador, near Pitalito

Producers: 240 smallholder families

Mill: El Puente

Altitude: 1400 m.

Varieties: Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo

Processing method: Fully washed, with 24-32 hour dry fermentation and 20-25 days of drying

Tasting notes: Toffee, caramel, fruit cake, rich

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12 oz. pouch – $15.50

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