Colombia El Mirador Koji Natural Tabi

Just a completely wild coffee through our export partners at Clearpath Coffee in Huila. Limited release, only 2 bags (about 300 pounds) available! A full natural, koji fungus inoculated, single variety, single farm coffee grown near San Agustín in Huila, Colombia. Red Sangria, watermelon jolly rancher, granadilla, apple. 100% Tabi variety.

Country: Colombia

Region: Huila

Town: San Agustín

Farm: El Mirador

Farmer: Elkin and Diana Guzman

Altitude: 1550-1680 meters

Variety: 100% Tabi

Processing method: Full Natural; a 24 hour hold, followed by layering with Aspergillus Oryzae (used in Koji rice production) and an additional 60 hour hold. Dried under tent for 18-25 days, with regular turning after day 4.

Tasting notes: Red Sangria, watermelon jolly rancher, granadilla, apple

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