Colombia Buena Vista Anaerobic Natural Castillo

Our first coffee from both Balzac Brothers, an importer, and Cafelumbus, an exporter in Colombia. What a first impression! A single farm, full natural coffee with an anaerobic twist from the lesser known Risaralda region of Colombia near Belén de Umbría. Tangerine, blackberry, cotton candy, cherry bitters. 100% Red Castillo variety.

Country: Colombia

Region: Risaralda

Town: Belén de Umbría

Farm: Buena Vista

Farmer: Carlos Mario Gallego Sánchez

Altitude: 1800 – 1925 m.

Variety: Red Castillo

Processing method: Full natural, with an anaerobic hold and sun-drying

Tasting notes: Tangerine, blackberry, cotton candy, cherry bitters

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