Colombia Asoprocafees Decaf

A super sweet and silky decaf, perfect for an everyday cup. A Fair Trade, organic, fully washed cooperative coffee from the Tolima region of Colombia. Chocolate, goji berry, vanilla, silky. Caturra, castillo, and tabi varieties.

Country: Colombia

Region: Tolima

Town: South of Las Brisas

Farmers: 58 members of the Asociación de Productores de Café Especial Orquídea

Altitude: 1700 – 2200 meters

Varieties: Caturra, Castillo, and Tabi

Processing method: Fully washed on farm, sun-dried

Decaffeination method: Sugar cane EA process

Tasting notes: Chocolate, goji berry, vanilla, silky

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12 oz. pouch – $13.50

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