Brasil Rio Brilhante Red Bourbon

The only washed process coffee Rio Brilhante produced last year. Los Volcanes Coffee adapted the same process they have at La Esperanza (in Guatemala) to the reality of Rio Brilhante, fermenting the pulped coffee in tonnels and washing them using a centrifuge machine. This particular coffee comes from one of oldest plots at the farm (2A and 2B) that were planted in 2001 and are still productive. A single farm, fully washed, light-roast coffee from the Minas Gerais region of Brasil. Vanilla frosting, dried berries, fig, baking spices. 100% Red Bourbon variety.

Country: Brasil

Region: Minas Gerais

Town: Near Coromandel

Farmers: Two generations of the Urban Family

Altitude: 900 – 1150 m.

Variety: 100% Red Bourbon

Processing method: Fully washed; the pulped coffee is fermented in tonnels, and washed using a centrifuge machine. Lots dry for 7-12 days on patio before being sent to mechanical dryers.

Tasting notes: Vanilla frosting, dried berries, fig, baking spices

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