Lineage Brewing (Clintonville, OH)

2971 north high street
columbus, ohio 43202

hours of operation:
tuesday-thursday: 4 pm to 11 pm
friday: 4 pm to 1 am
saturday: 11 am to 1 am
sunday: 11 am to 10 pm

A car wash has been transformed into a brewery and pub intended for community and conversation. It is a brightly lit space with golden sunshine warming the seats in both the morning and the evening. It is a place for making connections; connections among friends, connections with comfort food, and connections with unique and adventurous beer styles. Whether connections are familiar or surprising, we aim to have something for everyone, no matter what your taste.

Come join us in our 70-seat pub that houses a glass garage door which opens in favorable weather to provide a comfortable and relaxing space. Our patio is open in the summer months and offers even more opportunities to soak up the sun whenever you can in Ohio.

Lineage Brewing® was founded with a simple purpose: create a welcoming social atmosphere where friends can gather and learn about high-quality beer. Like many great discoveries, it was founded in neighborhood Clintonville garages, where homebrew flowed and hops grew up backyard trellises. When creativity, aspirations, and equipment got a little too large for our tiny garages the inevitable craft brewery was born. We continue to be grounded in family, friends, beer education, and the quest for the ever perfect pint. We focus on the range of flavors beer can provide, and offer an ever-changing variety of styles in our brewpub. We hope you enjoy the inquisitive and explorative approach to brewing that Lineage Brewing brings to the Columbus beer scene. And in doing so, we hope that you try something unlike anything you’ve had before.

One Line Coffee owes its iconic “Hand Poured Coffee” sign located in the Short North Store to Lineage Brewing owners Mike and Jessica Byrne. In 2012, David and Mike brainstormed about barn-side signs aka Mail Pouch tobacco. When the One Line Coffee Roastery Showcase Store opened in July, a central feature was the hand-painted sign on weathered barn siding salvaged from an old barn in Johnstown, Ohio…compliments of Mike and Jess!