Hartzler Family Dairy (Wooster, OH)

5454 Cleveland Rd
Wooster, Ohio 44691

hours of operation:
Hours vary seasonally. Please check website for current hours.

Hartzler Family Dairy is a 3rd Generation owned local dairy located in Wayne County Ohio. We’ve been producing non-GMO verified milk in reusable glass bottles for over 25 years. Our milk is vat pasteurized low and slow. This provides maximum nutrition and leaves all the good stuff in milk that aids in digestion. We also do not homogenize our milk, so when it sets for a while, you get the old fashioned cream plug starting to form at the top as the cream naturally separates from the milk as it sets. This is enjoyed by many almost as a delicacy as it is rarely found like that anymore. And as always, we appreciate the bottles returned rinsed out and caps off, ready to be washed and reused for the next customer to enjoy.