Two New Coffees!

Jan 26, 2012

We’ve got two new coffees to introduce to the lineup at One Line Coffee!


We’re excited to release a single dry mill coffee from the San Vicente beneficio of the Santa Barbara region of Honduras. This coffee was hand-selected from a variety of the finest small farmer lots the mill could find. Often, small farmers own such a small parcel of land that it’s impossible to keep separate and traceable. They simply don’t produce enough coffee to export.


Often, a wet or dry mill (beneficio) will cobble together some of the best lots they come across, allowing truly excellent, very small lots of coffee to remain separate from lesser grade coffee. This coffee is a prime example.


This coffee hits you with lots of candied fruit on the nose (remember fruit striped gum?), very sweet, with berry and cherry notes. The fruit carries into the cup, with a cherry-lemon acidity. The coffee is still well developed, with medium body and a nice finish. This is a very easy drinking light roast.


Our second coffee is from the country of Papua New Guinea. It comes to us from a cooperatively owned single estate called the Kimel estate. This farm, which is about 620 hectares, was starter in 1974 by an Australian named Bobby Gibbs. Today, it is cooperatively owned by the region’s traditional land owners, namely the Opais tribe. The farm provides housing, medical facilities, and schools for the 432 people who work there.


This coffee is shade grown at an altitude of 5200 feet. We’ve decided to take this coffee to a dark roast level, accenting the baker’s chocolate and phenomenal smoothness of this coffee. It really tastes like a cup of roasty, toasty chocolate. You do get some nice notes of licorice and crème brulee on the nose, just to add a bit of complexity.


These coffees will be available for the next few months.