Papua New Guinea Namura Timuzu

A clean, but adventurous dark roast, with a great balance of roast, acidity, and sweetness. An organic, fully washed, cooperative coffee from several villages in the Kainantu district of the Eastern Highlands. Jammy, praline, roast, dark chocolate. Arusha, typica, and mundo novo varieties.

Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Kainantu, in the Eastern Highlands

Cooperative: Namura Timuzu

Farmers: 200 smallholder farmers, growing primarily “garden” coffee

Altitude: 1400-1600 meters

Varieties: Arusha, Mundo Novo, and Typica

Processing method: Hand depulped on farm, with 36-48 hours wet fermentation; both ground and raised bed drying.

Tasting notes: Jammy, praline, roast, dark chocolate

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