Nicaragua Un Regalo de Dios

Our third purchase from Mr. Moncada, and our second from Un Regalo de Dios! Excited to have this coffee back in the offering list. A full natural, single farm coffee from the Nueva Segovia region in the northwest of Nicaragua. Raspberry, kiwi, orange blossom, panela. 100% small bean Pacamara variety.

Country: Nicaragua

Region: Nueva Segovia

Town: Quisuli, Mozonte

Farm: Un Regalo de Dios

Farmer: Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada

Altitude: 1350-1700 m.

Variety: Small bean Pacamara

Processing method: Full natural, with 25-30 days of raised bed drying

Tasting notes: Strawberry, whipped cream, elderflower, honey

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12 oz. pouch – $17.00

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