Mexico Tenejapa

A classic and delicious dark-roast offering with wonderful, comforting flavors, from a cooperative of indigenous communities! A cooperative coffee from areas surrounding the Tenejapa municipality in Chiapas, Mexico. Baked apple, caramel, malt sugar, roast. Typica and Caturra varieties.

Country: Mexico

Region: Chiapas

Town: Near Tenejapa

Cooperative: Pequeños Productores de las Montañas Chiapanecas

Farmers: 280 members of the Tseltal and Tojolabal ethnic groups

Altitude: 1800 m.

Variety: Typica and Caturra

Processing method: Fully washed, with a few farmers using a modified honey process

Tasting notes: Baked apple, caramel, malt sugar, roast

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