Ethiopia Nguisse Nare

Our first year purchasing a truly outstanding, extreme elevation coffee from Mr. Nguisse Nare. One of the cleanest, clearest naturals we’ve ever offered. A single farm, full natural coffee from the Bensa woreda of Sidama, near the village of Kokosa. Apricot, hibiscus, cranberry sauce, raspberry. 100% 74158, a catalogued Ethiopian Heirloom variety.

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Sidama

Town: Near Kokose, in Bensa

Farmer: Nguisse Nare and 60 registered outgrowers

Farm: Setame, plus others

Altitude: 2240 – 2300 m.

Variety: 100% 74158, a catalogued Ethiopian Heirloom variety

Processing method: Full natural, with flotation sorting and 20 days of slow, raised bed drying

Tasting notes: Apricot, hibiscus, cranberry sauce, raspberry

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12 oz. pouch – $21.50

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