Ethiopia Abdu Special

Something truly special to celebrate 6 years of partnership with Kossa Geshe. A single farm, special prep naturally-processed coffee from the Agaro microregion of Jimma in Ethiopia. Sakura, honeydew, banana, green tea. 100% 74110 variety (heirloom).

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Jimma

Town: Near Agaro

Farm: Kossa Geshe, Botto block

Altitude: 1950 m.

Farmers: Abdulwahid and Anwar Sheriff, two brothers

Processing method: Special prep; Full natural dried on raised beds over 18-22 days, with slowly increasing bed thickness; Young trees

Variety: 74110 (Heirloom)

Tasting notes: Sakura, honeydew, banana, green tea

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12 oz. pouch – $18.00

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