Ecuador Terrazas del Pisque

An incredible, single varietal, micro, MICROlot from an amazing farm is north Ecuador. We were only able to secure about 165 pounds of green coffee. Get it while it lasts! A fully washed, single farm coffee grown in the Pichincha region of Ecuador. Lychee, jasmine, Sauternes wine, lime. 100% Java variety.

Country: Ecuador

Region: Pichincha

Farm: Terrazas del Pisque

Altitude: 2100 meters

Variety: 100% Java

Processing method: Fully washed, with a 36 hour dry fermentation and 12 days of raised bed drying under tents

Tasting notes: Lychee, jasmine, Sauternes wine, lime

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12 oz. pouch – $25.50

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