Colombia Victor Gutierrez Double Ferment Red Bourbon

Our second coffee releasing from Campesino coffee, a new exporting partner in Colombia. A single farm, double fermentation washed coffee from San Agustín in Tolima, Colombia. A two-stage, 60 hour fermentation process. Papaya, passionfruit, tangelo, caramelized sugar. 100% Red Bourbon variety.

Country: Colombia

Region: Tolima

Town: San Agustìn

Farmer: Don Victor Gutierrez

Farm Info: Finca El Mirador. 10 hectares, 7 planted in coffee.

Altitude: 1750-1830 m.

Variety: 100% Red Bourbon

Processing Method: 36 hours of fermentation in cherry, depulping, then another 24 hours of fermentation in full muscilage. Washed, then dried 12 hours in mechanical driers before 10 more days of sun-drying.

Tasting Notes: Papaya, passionfruit, tangelo, caramelized sugar

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