Colombia Mauro Caez Best Cup #10

One of two auction coffees won this year at the Colombia Best Cup, hosted by Cafe Imports and Banexport! A single farm, fully washed coffee from the Consacá municipality in Nariño. Orange, white grape, bergamot, coriander. 100% Castillo cultivar.

Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Municipality: Consacá

Village: Bomboná

Farm: Pitiurco

Altitude: 1822 m.

Farmers: Mauro Armando Caez Ceballos

Processing method: Fully washed; picked every 28 days, with a 48 hour whole bean hold, 36 hours of fermentation, washing, and 8-9 days of raised rack drying under parabolic tents.

Cultivar: 100% Castillo

Tasting notes: Orange, white grape, bergamot, coriander

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