Ethiopia Raro Nensebo Espresso

An outstanding espresso profile from a new producer for us. A single washing station, 15 farmer, full natural coffee from the village of Raro Majoo in Uraga, Guji. Pomegranate, hibiscus, candied citrus, velvety. 74110 and 74112 varieties, both native heirloom.

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Uraga, Guji

Town: Raro Majoo

Washing Station: Raro Nensebo

Farmers: 15 producers living in the kebele of Raro Majoo

Altitude: 2100-2350 m.

Processing method: Full natural, with 21-28 days of drying on raised beds with a maximum 4cm bed depth

Variety: 74110 and 74112, both native varieties

Tasting notes: Pomegranate, hibiscus, candied citrus, velvety

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