Wooden Shoe Coffee-Mobile Coffee & Espresso (Columbus, OH)


Coffee and breakfast trucks? Yes, they are a thing!

Each morning and on many weekends, the Wooden Shoe Mobile Coffee & Espresso Truck travels throughout Central Ohio serving origin roasts and espresso from C-Bus’s own One Line Coffee as well as Belgian waffles, stroopwafels, bagels, syrup, cream cheese, etc. What a way to start the day! Owner Derek van der Sluijs is now booking morning visits to offices all over Columbus.

Speaking of stroopwafels…a delicious chewy cookie, it was first made in the town of Gouda in the Netherlands during the 18th century. In fact, until 1870 stroopwafels were made only in Gouda and there were about 100 bakeries selling these treats in that city alone. This sweet snack is a waffle cookie made from two thin layers of batter with a sticky syrup filling in the middle. They can be purchased in packages at nearly every grocery store and bakery in the Netherlands, as well as freshly made at street stands at markets and festivals. In Amsterdam you can find freshly made stroopwafels at Amsterdam street markets like Albert Cuypmarkt and Noordermarkt. Stroopwafels are particularly good with a cup of coffee or tea. The cookies come in various sizes, but the most common diameter fits perfectly as a lid on a cup of hot liquid. This softens the cookie and melts the sweet syrup, making a delightful dessert or snack.)