Klarna (Columbus, OH)

629 N. High Street, Suite 300
Columbus, OH 43215
(844) 552-7621


Klarna was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden with the aim of making it easier for people to shop online. In the last 12 years, technology has evolved, excited, and transformed the world around us, yet their mission remains as relevant as ever – to make paying as simple, safe and above all, smoooth as possible.

Klarna Inc. has US headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, with an office in New York City. They have built an all-star international team hailing from the world’s best companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Zynga, Experian, Palantir, imo.im, PayPal and American Express.

For over a decade Klarna has helped businesses improve their online checkout experience for customers through payments. Today, they offer everything from a full online checkout solution to identification services and standalone payment methods. Everything shares the same purpose: enabling a smoooth shopping experience.