Current Offerings and Online Store

please review our current coffee offerings below. all of our coffees are roasted to order. we begin our roasting week on sunday and ship all of our internet orders on tuesday or wednesday. in order to insure your order is shipped by wednesday, please place your order by sunday at 9pm. we will try to accommodate orders placed after sunday, but we can make no guarantees. shipping charges are noted in your shopping cart. there is a flat shipping charge of $7.50 for 1-4 pouches anywhere in the continental united states.  thank you so much for your interest and support!

brasil cachoeira da grama mwp decaf

a single farm, pulped natural, water process decaf from the são paulo region of brasil near poços de caldes. clean, sweet, and bright, with apple, citrus, caramel, and toffee. yellow bourbon variety.


brasil santa barbara cup of excellence #4

a single farm, pulped natural from the bahia state of brasil. sweet, complex, and juicy, with strawberry, peach, prosecco, rhubarb, and chocolate pudding. catuai and catucai varieties.

colombia comepcafe

an organic, fair trade cooperative, fully washed, dark roast coffee from the cauca region of colombia. smooth, with notes of chocolate, toffee, and carmelized sugar balanced by a subtle blackberry acidity. primarily caturra, with small amounts of typica, colombia, and castillo varieties.

colombia el progreso

our current medium-roast "house" coffee. a single farm, fully washed coffee from the huila region of colombia. exceptionally sweet and rich, with chocolate frosting, honeycrisp apple, a buttery body, and good development. caturra and colombia varieties.

colombia san adolfo pink bourbon

a three farm lot, fully washed, from the huila region of colombia. extremely sweet, with honeysuckle, jackfruit, kiwi, and amaretto. pink bourbon variety.

method espresso

our signature, seasonal espresso. medium roasted. typically a two bean blend. always delicious.

mexico chiapas procafem mwp decaf

an organic fair-trade cooperative, fully washed, water process decaf from the chiapas region of mexico. brown sugar, molasses, chocolate pudding, with a cherry acidity. typica and caturra varieties.

mexico consolapan

a single farm, fully washed coffee from the vera cruz region of mexico. sweet and tangy, with a syrupy body. notes of green grape, toffee, and melon. typica, mundo novo, and garnica varieties.

peru cajamarca cenfrocafe

an organic, fair-trade, fully washed dark roast from the cajamarca region of peru. super sweet creme brulee, vanilla, longanberry, and roast. typica, caturra, and bourbon varieties.

sumatra ketiara adsenia

an organic, cooperative, women-produced coffee from the bener meriah regency in aceh, sumatra. fully washed and wet-hulled. acai berry, rose-hips, and chocolate malt. adsenia variety.

technique decaf espresso

our seasonal decaf espresso blend. typically two or three bean blend. sweet and delicious.