Current Coffee Offerings/Buy Now

please review our current coffee offerings below. all of our coffees are roasted to order. we begin our roasting week on sunday and ship all of our internet orders on tuesday. in order to insure your order is shipped by tuesday, please place your order by sunday at 9pm. we will try to accommodate orders placed after sunday, but we can make no guarantees. shipping charges are noted in your shopping cart. there is a flat shipping charge of $7.50 for 1-4 pouches anywhere in the continental united states.  thank you so much for your interest and support!

colombia el faldon

limited release. a single farm, fully washed coffee from the huila region of colombia. juicy fruit, perfumy, navel orange, cardamom. 100% caturra variety.

colombia palestina sugar cane decaf

a community-based, fully washed coffee from the huila region of colombia. sugar cane decaffeination method. cane sugar, lemon, apple, molasses, and chocolate. multiple varities.

costa rica las lajas alma negra

a single farm, full natural coffee from the sabanilla de alajuela region of costa rica. black grape, black cherry, raspberry, raisin, and merlot. caturra and catuai varieties.

costa rica san jose black honey

a single farm, honey processed coffee from the san jose de naranjo, west valley region of costa rica. starfruit, kiwi, floral, with incredible sweetness. 100% red catuai variety.

ethiopia biftu gudina

a very small cooperative, fully washed coffee from the agaro microregion of ethiopia. pink lemonade, gardenia, black tea, and black cherry. heirloom varieties.

ethiopia werka chelchele

a full natural, ecx, community coffee from the werka chelchele microregion of yirgacheffe in ethiopia. blueberry, black raspberry, brandy, cocoa, velvety. ethiopian heirloom varieties.

guatemala la bolsa

our current house coffee. a single farm, fully washed coffee from the huehuetenango region of guatemala. butterscotch, winey, apple, pear, and a hint of roast. bourbon and caturra varieties.

honduras marcala comsa mwp decaf

an organic, fair trade, fully washed decaf from the marcala region of honduras. mountain water process decaffeination method. fresh apple, mulling spices, and caramel. bourbon, typica, caturra, and catuai varieties.

kenya wahundura

a single washing station, cooperative, fully washed coffee from murang'a county in kenya. candied orange, grapefruit, molasses, and bourbon. sl28 and ruiru 11 varieties.

method espresso

our signature, seasonal espresso. medium roasted. currently a 3 bean blend. always delicious.

peru cajamarca cenfrocafe

an organic, fair-trade, fully washed dark roast from the cajamarca region of peru. super sweet creme brulee, vanilla, longanberry, and roast. typica, caturra, and bourbon varieties.

sumatra ketiara adsenia

an organic, cooperative, women-produced coffee from the bener meriah regency in aceh, sumatra. fully washed and wet-hulled. acai berry, rose-hips, and chocolate malt. adsenia variety.

technique decaf espresso

our seasonal decaf espresso blend. typically a two or three bean blend. sweet and delicious.

uganda kapchorwa

a community cooperative, fully washed dark roast from the bugisu region of uganda. caramel, butterscotch, paw paw, guava, and roast. sl14 and sl28 varieties.