The Roosevelt Coffeehouse (Columbus, OH)

300 east long street
columbus, ohio 43215
(614) 670-5228

hours of operation:
monday thru friday: 7am – 7pm
saturday: 8am – 7pm
sunday: 8am – 7pm

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse opened this year with a story…

every story has a character.
the Roosevelt has three. YOU, US,and THEM.
YOU being the consumer/giver.
US being the mediator.
THEM being those in need.

There are many injustices in the world. We ask ourselves; “What are we supposed to fight? How do I know my money is going to help those I want to see helped? Who do I give to? I care, but I just don’t know how to engage.” This is where The Roosevelt comes in. What if we became the middleman for you? What if when you bought coffee at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse you were fighting and giving? What if you knew it is going to help what needs helped? You do the purchasing/giving, we’ll ensure it gets to the help that is needed. That is what we are about. You can be as engaged as you choose to be. We are going to partner with organizations we KNOW are building wells and latrines. Those who are feeding people locally and internationally. And those who are rescuing and restoring dignity to those who have been enslaved.

although the coffeehouse has a social mission…it takes a great deal of pride in preparing and serving the best in specialty coffee and espresso beverages. Their model includes serving coffee sourced and roasted by a national roaster as well as a local roaster. That’s where One Line Coffee comes into play…proud to support this unique coffee establishment.