Bouncin’ Bean Coffee & Tea Co (Crotin, OH)

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Lookin’ to get a good cuppajoe on the go? Follow the Bouncin’ Bean.

No really. Bouncin’ Bean Coffee & Tea Company is a mobile coffee house/food truck out to treat the morning grumps of residents in Columbus with some seriously good coffee and tea. Really, what more did you expect?

Well, you should expect a lot actually. That’s because Bouncin’ Bean is committed to using the freshest quality ingredients, including premium beans roasted fresh on the daily, to craft a big menu full of the most refreshing and eye opening drinks around. And you’ll find all your favorites here, including robustly flavored espresso, smooth lattes, fresh pour overs, and even a selection of finely crafted teas. But that’s not all. Bouncin’ Bean is offering some pastries, too, in case you get the munchies. So why wait? Find Bouncin Bean Coffee & Tea Company roaming the streets of Croton and beyond. Trust us. It’s well worth hitting the pavement for.